Marwa A Kadhim Al-banaa

 Supervisor Name: Dr. Nagam S. Turkey Al-Awadie


A simple, rapid and sensitive method for the determination of iodide and iodate ions using laser diode fluorimeter-flow injection analysis via liberated of iodine molecule from the I --IO3--H3O+ reaction which react with fluorescein sodium salt solution causing to quench the fluorescence light (continuous fluorescence) when irritated by laser source at 405nm.Chemical and physical parameters of this system were investigated. A linear calibration graph of 0.1-10 and 0.03-9mMol.L-1 were obtains for IO3- and I- respectively, with L.O.D was 74.9ng/sample and 5.146ng/sample for IO3- and Irespectively. Repeatability (RSD%) less than 1 was obtained . The proposed method was compared with standard method. By using paired t-test it was shown that there was no significant difference between the proposed method and official method and on this basis the new method can be accepted as an alternative analytical method.